Sunrider Reviews- Of All The Sunrider Reviews You Must Read This One If You Want To Know The Truth!

To be quite honest, the Sunrider reviews you read here might not be like most of the reviews you see online. I’m going to answer the question, “Is it a SCAM?” and  give you my honest opinion on what I believe to be Sunrider International’s strengths and weaknesses, and what I would do if I was a Sunrider distributor or interested in joining this company.

In my own businesses, I always place my emphasis first and FOREMOST on learning how to market as well as on my lead generation skills, and on understanding the actual MECHANICS of success before I place any emphasis on what any particular product might be. The reason why is this, no matter how many times you hear companies say it… the product absolutely DOES NOT sell itself. Really, if it did, why do they need you? And why is it called network MARKETING if no marketing is involved?

 Sunrider Reviews Will Assure You

Sunrider Is NOT A Scam

Sunrider is a whole foods company, with a product line of health food herbs as well as healthy skin care related products and house hold products. As far as I can see, they have an excellent and extensive product line. Even though this is the case…  I would still hope they have some BIG leaders on board, with lots of industry credibility, simply because there have been so many whole foods companies coming to market over the years.

Sunrider itself is an older company and is quite established in the industry, and  because of this, it is even MORE important for you to pay attention to this message today. this is important because if your product is not a First-to-market product, that also has a UNIQUE selling proposition in the market place, it can sometimes be more difficult to really recruit and attract top leaders in the industry.

The good news is that even though Sunrider has been around for quite a few years it is still unique in the market place. Although it is not mentioned in many of the other Sunrider reviews they only use whole food herbs instead of medicinal herbs to develop their products. They also do all of the manufacturing of the products themselves. The company is family owned and they retain complete control of every aspect of operation from beginning to end.

Sunrider Reviews Owner Expertise

Sunrider reviews many times leave out this fact that is extremely important and not found very often in the health and beauty industry, and that is the  owner expertise. This is so important because then the owner can actually evaluate the safety, quality and effectiveness of the herbs.

Owners’ Tei-Fu Chen and his wife Dr. Oi-Lin Chen are both extraordinary people. He is a world-renowned herbalist and she is a licened medical doctor in the United States. They are the ones who lead their team of scientist to research and formulate as well as manufacture all of Sunrider’s products.

After performing a thorough study of Chinese and Western medicines the Chens’ believe that your body can balance itself, if it in nourished and cleansed with the proper nutrition. This is why all of their Sunrider Products are exclusively formulated to a balance between nourishment and cleansing.

Many other brands on the market today use generic formulations without really understanding how your body works, but Sunrider products are formulated to work in harmony with your body.

Sunrider Reviews

Although most companies choose to hire third-party manufacturers, Sunrider’s owners personally oversee the production of the Sunrider products so that they can guarantee the highest quality. The manufacturing plants handle over 415 products for over 42 countries. They are one of very few companies that invest this amount of money, effort and technology into their products.

YES the product line and manufacturing are incredible and quite unique in the industry. Still even though some reps might try to convince you that because of these great qualities Sunrider products will sell themselves, but this just isn’t the truth. The TRUTH is great LEADERSHIP, MARKETING, ADVERTISING, AND LEAD GENERATION SKILLS is what you need to have in order to be successful in this industry. If you truly want to succeed then you must  take action because when you learn the right skills you will be a seven figure networker.

Sunrider Reviews On How To Be Successful

Now if you truly want to be successful with this company I would strongly suggest that you take the approach of LEARNING how to be an entrepreneur FIRST, then you take the approach of learning how to market, advertise, and generate LEADS. You will then be able to attract top leaders for ANY business, which in turn it then becomes far easier to create success in opportunities like Sunrider

And if you don’t know how to build business in this industry, you will probably have a difficult time creating results in Sunrider.

Now that you’ve read a few Sunrider reviews and you know the skills you NEED to learn if you are even remotely serious about diving into the network marketing industry be sure to check out this video. If you don’t you could be struggling for years with no results like 97% of the people in then industry.


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